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Sunday, June 18, 2017

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THE WORLD of agriculture, with the presence of competent agricultural management plus capable labor force – the two pillars of really productive agribusiness which in reality becomes a composite one through genuine agricultural land reform – merits special attention.

The combined  social, cultural and economic role that agriculture assumes in the economic systems of many countries – as well as its growing significance in safeguarding the natural environment – have significance and implications. This has special relevance to the Philippines which to this date is rightfully considered as basically an agricultural country.  

This standing reality becomes quite evident when one leaves metropolitan areas and goes to provincial territories where agricultural lands appear boundless in extent and coverage and copious in agricultural produces.

Certain observations come to order:

1. It would not be hard to think and conclude how peoples would live and how countries could develop in the utter absence of agriculture – agricultural ventures and consequent agricultural products.  Agriculture is that necessary and consequential that technology progressively protects its fruitfulness – such as in terms of water resources and other basic environmental factors such as preventing climate change.

2. It is agriculture – when not only wholesome to nature but also beneficial to man – that usually provides humanity from food to eat, clothing to wear up to shelters to live in.  It is from agricultural benefits that people make their living and Countries have their economic progress.  So it is that taking the standard benefits of agriculture as a matter of course, is anything but realistic nor beneficial for all people.

3. It is usually the trio of avarice, carelessness, and callousness in particular, that waste agricultural wealth, that makes agriculture not only unproductive but even a natural liability.  Farming is not only a necessary work but also a noble endeavor.  This is why farmers have a rightful dignity of their own.  The truth of the matter is that when agricultural lands are left unprotected and unproductive, elementary logic says that it is humanity that is the loser.

4. The lesson that man should have learned many centuries since is that the saying that man from earth he comes and to earth he will eventually go back to.  This is downright reality, not merely poetry.  It is from the fruits of the earth that man lives, and to earth he eventually ends up.  Earth is truly precious not only because it foments lives but also provides a place to rest – eventually to feed the earth so that this in turn continues producing food for the living.

5. It is becoming more and more a reality lesson that man should care for the environment so that this would care for him in return through productive farmland.  Climate change slowly but surely contributes to the detriment of humanity whereas it precisely lessens the quality and quantity of farm products.  And human greed plus carelessness have much to answer for wasting nature./PN




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