Viral photo of clean, disciplined ‘Davao’ is actually Iloilo City

ILOILO City – A Facebook user who appeared to be a resident of Davao City has been getting flak for using the photos of Iloilo City’s Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. Avenue or Diversion Road in Mandurriao district and passing it off as Davao City.

“Jan Oxley” posted this photo caption on Facebook: “Ganito kami sa Davao. Displinado, malinis, walang traffic. Inggit na naman mga anti-Duterte.”

President Rodrigo Duterte served as mayor of Davao City prior to becoming the country’s Chief Executive.

The photos were initially shared by “Jan Oxley” in a Facebook group called “Freedom Wall (original).”

Several Ilonggo netizens reacted and shared screenshots of the post to correct the wrong information.

After the boo-boo was discovered, the “Freedom Wall (original)” Facebook account could no longer be found.

Then there appeared a Facebook group with the same name albeit spelled using different letter cases.

It was unclear as of this writing if “Freedom Wall (original)” simply changed its Facebook name.

Nevertheless, this new group’s Facebook page had the note, “exclusive for DDS.”

“DDS” either stands for “Digong Duterte Supporters”, “Duterte Defense Squad” or “Die-hard Duterte Supporters.” These groups are known for sharing misleading pictures and information. (With a report from


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