Vista Mall’s ‘Christmas with the Stars’ brings Carlo Aquino to Iloilo

Carlo Aquino performed live at Vista Mall Iloilo last Sunday, Dec. 9.

IF YOU think that Vista Mall Iloilo’s Christmas celebrity show is only a one-time thing, you are wrong. The mall’s “Christmas with the Stars” still goes on, with its latest celebrity performer, the oh-so-handsome Carlo Aquino.

The “Exes Baggage” leading man performed songs live last Sunday, Dec. 9, stealing the hearts of Ilonggos. Even before that, Carlo’s loyal fans already made an impression as they screamed their hearts out when the actor was called on stage.

Carlo sings for the crowd.

Wearing ripped jeans and having strands of his hair freed on his forehead, Carlo made everyone gushed. On top of his handsome looks and undeniable appeal, the man can also sing and play the guitar.

The crowd sang along with Carlo as he played a cover of “Maybe the Night” by Ben&Ben. This song was a sound track of “Exes Baggage,” his movie with Angelica Panganiban. Another notable performance he did was a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” He did some dance moves which made the crowd cheer even louder.

Fans take pictures of Carlo as he performs live.

Carlo was also very interactive with his fans. He grabbed books from fans and signed them. He also gave one of his fans the guitar pick he was using. But the luckiest fan that night was the girl whom he danced with on stage. Not only did he dance with her, but he hugged her from behind and had their fingers intertwined.

Carlo sings for a fan while holding her hand.

Lessandra homeowner and Carlo Aquino fan, Bea Torres expressed her gratitude to the mall for bringing her idol to Iloilo.

Torres told Panay News, “It was nice of Vista Mall Iloilo to bring Carlo Aquino here, the event was well-organized, and the experience was amazing. More people should come and visit Vista Mall.”/PN


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