Yanson family told: Solve feud ‘as soon as possible’

BACOLOD City – Negros Occidental-based billionaire Yanson family – who owns the biggest bus firm in the country – should resolve their business management problem “as soon as possible.”

This was the appeal of two labor unions that called a press conference at a restaurant in this city yesterday.

The Philippine Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial Workers Union (PACIWU) and the Mindanao Alliance of Land Transportation and General Workers Union (MALTU) also expressed support to Leo Rey Yanson, the ousted president of the Yanson Group of Bus Companies.

Leo Rey’s elder brother Roy Yanson replaced him as the president of the bus group that owns Vallacar Transit, Inc.; Bachelor Express, Inc.; Rural Transit Mindanao, Inc.; Sugbo Transit Express, Inc.; and Mindanao Star Business Transit, Inc.

The bus group operates some 4,800 buses and employs around 18,000 workers nationwide.

Roy’s takeover was supported by his siblings Ma. Lourdes Celina Yanson-Lopez, Emily Yanson and Ricardo Yanson.

The board decision – which Leo Rey asserted as illegal – took effect July 7.

MALTU founder and administrator Jose Ares said the family with their matriarch Olivia Yanson should resolve the issue amicably, for their sake and for their company workers’ sake.

Ares added that the Yanson siblings must “rise above their personal interests” and ensure the company’s survival.

“We are also having an idea of going personally to the members of the board and plead that this be resolved as soon as possible before things come to worst,” Ares said.

Hernane Braza, national president of PACIWU, said they are hoping that their take on the issue would “touch the hearts” of the Yanson siblings.

A statement from Roy’s legal team said Leo Rey’s removal as president was due to “loss of trust and confidence.”

“What is so unfair is that the removal of Leo Rey is being blamed for this alleged ongoing estate negotiations of our late father, Ricardo Yanson, the founder of our company. That is a separate matter,” Ma. Lourdes Celina also said in a statement./PN


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