A portrait of a politician as Dengvaxia queen

HOW CAN some people be so insensitive, feeling no sense of guilt murdering en masse innocent children in exchange for money?

Former President Noynoy Aquino has gotten used to see people from all walks of life in misery, either on the verge of dying or being mutilated, just to seek international recognition as a man of peace. The carnage of the SAF 44 on the near-end of his term was deliberate. The prize at stake for their murder was enough for a lifetime of comfort. Noynoy denied responsibility. He passed the bucket instead to a man notoriously known as his ass-licker.

This Alan Purisima, former Philippine National Police director general, developed a power of his own strong enough to grab the former President by the neck.  It was an odd relationship between a master and his slave. They scratched each other’s backs. Their affection to each other is no longer an issue. What you see is what you get. The hell they care.

Unfortunately, there was no Nobel Prize that Noynoy desperately sought to put him on the pedestal of great world leaders in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, to mention a few.

As his term was nearing its end, Noynoy himself thought of administering Dengvaxia to hundreds of kids. To make it appear an authentic concern for the kids, he made it sure to utilize the expertise of his Department of Health secretary Janette Garin.

Garin was so proud and elated, as if it was the best thing that ever happened to her, not knowing that it could also the worst thing that may happen to her.

True enough it brought disaster to her professional life as a licensed physician. In truth, she was known more as a politician than a practicing doctor.

Now, Dengvaxia is being blamed for the death of several recipients. A forensic expert likened the vaccination to a genocide. Parents were demanding for justice.

In the Senate, Garin and company were invited to give their side of the story. Facing the inquiry she showed no sign of remorse. And she made an attempt to drag former Health secretary Paulyn Ubial to the controversy by filing a libel suit against her.

Thinking Ubial would just squirm in fear, Garin got a dose of her own medicine. Ubial firmly stood her ground and put the blame on Garin.

Now, some people call the former Health secretary the “Dengvaxia queen.”

A movie scene from 40 summers ago could best describe Janette Garin. Actress Charito Solis tells colleague Liza Lorena: “Malakina ang restawran mong ito, pero hanggang ngayon utak karinderia ka pa rin.” ([email protected]/PN)


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