Breathe in, relax

HAVE you ever felt like you’re walking on a winding path? The trail isn’t clear, you wonder how you got there.

You feel lost, hopeless and afraid. It is the trail most of us go through on the journey called life.

You’re in a job you hate. You’ve broken ties with a loved one. You feel as if the whole world is out to get you. It’s never clear why things like this have to happen.

It’s when you’re in the limbo portion of your life. You want to move forward but you can’t because you’re either afraid of the consequences, you don’t know how to do it’ or you’re too angry to think clearly.

What causes the anger? It’s the frustration felt when a situation deviates your chances of achieving your goals.

Whenever you feel the disappointment, try to stop and think what your “goal” really is in the first place. Is it to succeed in sports, academics or arts?

Become rich? Marry the love of your life and have kids? Become a hero? Just have a stable job and help your family?

Many things can shape your goals. Peer pressure, necessity, an infatuation with a person or activity. We see how these things shape our goals with the passage of time.

When we were kids we had wild dreams like becoming the richest person in the world or building a time-machine, then as we get older our goals become more practical.

So maybe the obstacle you are facing isn’t hindering your goal, but helping you achieve a brighter future.

We feel helpless when we don’t get what we desire, but even people who have mastered their skills have the risk of losing interest in their crafts. It’s just plain human nature.

So, if you’re stuck wondering helplessly along the winding path, just take a break, breathe deeply, relax and take in your surroundings. You will see a guiding light.

In the future, you will look back at that moment and appreciate yourself more for it./PN


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