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Rice and farmers

IN THE NEWS these past few weeks is the deluge of cheap, imported rice and the subsequent dramatic plunge in the prices of locally-produced...

‘Sex in the City’

NO, WE’RE NOT talking about Carrie Bradshaw and her motley crew of promiscuous (sex-starved is way too much) career women in their mid-30s...

Addressing the plastic problem

THE PROBLEM with plastic materials is that many of them last forever. While some types are considered biodegradable, many require industrial-level processes to be recycled...

Bagay nga disiplina sa mga kabataan

WALA sing permanente nga bagay kundi ang pagbag-o! “There is nothing permanent except change,” siling gani ni Heraclitus, isa ka Greek philosopher, sa English.

Experience General Santos Fish Port

MANY are curious to see the tuna unloading at the General Santos Fish Port. Many have also come to witness this splendid activity...

Don’t just distribute land

LAST WEEK the President pitched once again for agrarian reform. “I’d like to be frank with you all. The law during my presidency is...

Am a non-grandpa at 69

I AM A frustrated grandfather at age 69. My only son is 45 and well-off in New York City but has remained “happily single”.

The passions of ignorance

THE EXPRESSION is referred to in one of the passages in the first letter of St. Peter. The complete passage says: “As obedient children,...

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