Ceres-Negros finally wins in 7s Football League

A Ceres-Negros Youth FC player and another from Stallion Laguna FC run after the loose ball. COURTESY OF PHILAM LIFE 7S FOOTBALL LEAGUE

MANILA – Ceres-Negros Youth FC finally barged into the win column of the Philam Life 7s Football League Season 3 after defeating Stallion Laguna FC, 4-2, at the McKinley Hill Stadium in Taguig City.

Both teams showed their wares in the opening half with Ceres-Negros tallying two early goals but was quickly negated by two conversions from Stallion Laguna for a 2-2 halftime count.

In the second half, Ceres-Negros came up with two made shots to take a 4-2 advantage before tightening its defense preventing Stallion Laguna from adding on to their total score.

Ceres-Negros player Gael Papillon said they were motivated to show their wares in the tournament as it was organized by former players of the Philippine men’s football team.

“In training, we were told to work harder as a team. Being in a tournament such as this one, which is organized by some Azkals players, it motivates us to become better players, to become better for the upcoming leagues,” Papillon said.

He added: “It gives us the possibilities to join the big clubs such as Ceres and Kaya. Even if you lose some, you win some – it’s all part of the game, at the end it’s just a question of whether you give up or stand back up.”/PN


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