Dance Fest 2017: Street Dance Ignition

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By Jemima M. Aranas

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


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DANCING allows one to freely express himself. Other than being a form of expression, it can also be a source of entertainment and exercise.  Dancing as well allows people to open themselves up about how they feel at a given moment. It can also form affiliations among people of the same interest, thus creating unity.

In Iloilo City, the dance community is really rich.  Zumba enthusiasts, Dinagyang Festival revelers, open floor dancers on the streets, cultural groups, and local competitions being held by dance crews prove that.

In fact the biggest yearly hiphop competition in the city, “Dance Fest 2017: Street Dance Ignition”, kicked-off last July 1, 2017.

Over 30 dance groups took interest for the audition round. The dance crews were: Stereo Swaggers, Philorocks, Velocity x Dancers, Radical Motion Dancers, RMD Xtreme Dancers, Ill City Squad, Iconichoodz, Unity Dance Crew, 20 Degree, Numancia Replica, Teen Titanz, Power Puff Family, Repp’n Cali, Lil’ Saintz, Hard Knocks, Dvogue, Fresh Hoodz, FPM Dance Crew, Crewstyler Iloilo, D Crew Dangsquad, Thy Kingdom, Thy Name, Class of Hiphop, 360 Degrees, One Movement, Thugs, One Family, Ode of Wit, Eldyci Crew, LSSDC, Unistarz, Unitaz, and Palace.

“Dance Fest 2017: Street Dance Ignition” elimination will be on July 29 and mall finals will be on August 13, 2017.

Indeed, dance compliments people with different tastes, emotions, needs, and backgrounds. It unites people in the community and therefore strengthens the city socially./PN





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