WHY SHOULD I vote for Grace Poe?

She’s almost done with her first term as senator yet she hasn’t accomplished anything significant and beneficial to the people and her country.

She has this habit of initiating an investigation concerning any issue just to get full media coverage then leave it hanging.

She doesn’t give a hoot about the resources we taxpayers are paying for her travels accompanied by a number of her staff. Junket in guise of a noble mission. My ass!

Grace Poe came to the public consciousness only after her father died, and she grabbed the opportunity to make herself known.

She was actually a virtual unknown before this. She has a lot to thank her adoptive parents the late Filipino movie king Fernando Poe, Jr. and movie queen Susan Roces.

FPJ’s death opened wide and unlimited opportunities for her to join the world of politics. It was her ticket to the Senate.

Then came the presidential derby in 2016. Without any hesitation she made herself available.

The Liberal Party leadership courted her to be the vice presidential running mate of Mar Roxas.

But unknown to the LP, the lady was eyeing the higher post. After all she had nothing to lose.

Take note, the woman is politically savvy, if not cunning. This showed during the presidential debate. But she was overshadowed by Rodrigo Duterte whose wit and candidness caught the imagination of voters.

Lucky for Grace Poe she was spared from Duterte’sbrand of dirty jokes. Perhaps because she was a woman.

Back to the Senate after her loss, Grace Po became more of an obstructionist to President Duterte’s goal to improve the lives of the Filipino people.  Never did she become a team player for the nation’s development.

It is in this context that I want her out of the Senate. I hate to be cruel but I love my country and fellowmen. ([email protected]/PN)


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