Don Alfonso Tan for mayor?

A WELL-KNOWN philanthropist tycoon, might Don Alfonso Tan consider throwing his hat in the political arena amidst the bickering of congressman Jerry Treñas and incumbent mayor Joe Espinosa III?

What started as an insignificant declaration of interest to run for the chief executive position in the city has resulted to the alienation of the two.

In the past, Jerry had told members of the media in a live interview he was not keen on running again for mayor, the position he held for nine years in Iloilo City before he became congressman. For him, he had done more than enough. Under his watch, the city was able to redeem its lost image as truly the City of Love.

What made him change his mind? Only he can answer that.

After all, only fools do not change their minds, goes the cliché.

Then vice mayor Joe Espinosa III, however, by twist of fate, became an instant mayor. Reportedly, at first he was reluctant. Never in his wildest dreams had he desired to become the city’s chief executive.

His predecessor former mayor Jed Mabilog, sensing his life was in danger – as his name was included in the narco list mentioned no less by President Rodrigo Duterte himself as one of the drug protectors – left in haste. Well-meaning friends advised him to get out of the country at once as he might step on a ticking bomb scattered around the city.

With no second thoughts, Jed gathered his kids and wife Marivic. They didn’t waste a single moment, packed their belongings to make adieu sans fanfare. The only footprint he left was a memo informing his staff that he was attending an official affair outside the country representing the City of Iloilo. But this made a lot of people, friends and enemies alike, to raise their eyebrows almost hitting the city hall’s ceiling.

The public demanded for the truth. They were in a quandary. His office couldn’t make an official explanation lest they might create more confusion.

Now, Jed is nowhere to be found. According to the grapevine the former chief executive is hiding in Timbuktu, a historic place somewhere in the Sahara Desert.

Is it really true that he tried to appear like a native African to conceal his identity? Of course this is an exaggerated theory.

But others are more bizarre, such as believing Jed had undergone cosmetic procedure erasing all the memories he had since birth.

If by chance there is a shade of truth on this entire premise, then there is nothing more painful as one becoming a prisoner of his own self. It could even be more tragic than facing the music with courage and dignity.

What if the arm of the law finds you guilty? So be it. What if you are proven innocent? Then hell, you can f_ _ k them all.

No wonder an influential group from the business sector is encouraging Don Alfonso Tan to run for mayor as the “Third Force.”

When before this political kingmaker successfully supported local candidates seeking his financial help, why not him now? Yes. Why not him?

After all, he has the resources, the wit, the vision, and the heart for public service.

Don Alfonso Tan for mayor… (


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