Enough is enough

Safety first

WHAT GRIEVOUS sins have people committed that they should deserve a murderess queen as representative in the legislature?

We have been dominated by a clan of scoundrels nonstop for three decades and people keep on voting them for a measly P500 every election, not taking into account their misery for years as a consequence.

In fairness to them, other clans do the same. They don’t monopolize this kind of magical deception. Nothing really phenomenal.

But for as long as there are impoverished people willing to bargain their principles for a day’s survival, then this is it. This becomes a cycle handed down from generation to generation.

It was started by a patriarch whose insatiable love for power and money is “sky’s the limit.” Greediness is an understatement.

The wife, having a similar obsession, followed exactly the same path. Then the son. Then an in-law who turned out to be more vicious and is freely roaming around as if nothing happened, having the ability to put the crowd under a spell.

This modern-day Pied Piper’s inherent talent of persuasion convinced the unsuspecting to try a magic potion comparable to that of “Merlin the magician.”

Mesmerized by sweet talk, the unsuspecting realized too late they were being led to the slaughterhouse.

Oh boy, the shrewdness of this Pied Piper can never be underestimated. She can even squish a moronic president in her pocket.

I’m losing patience with deceptive people. Why are they still roaming on the surface of earth? Some are seen in the company of President Rody Duterte himself, dining and wining with him, grinning from ear to ear. I’ve got this feeling they shared something “special” with the president that made them untouchable.

They can look at you straight in the eyes without blinking as if sending you a strong message, “We can skin a cat in so many ways and you won’t ever hear a whimpering meow.”

If I may ask the murderess queen, what have you done in your district or anything worthwhile that deserves you a seat in Congress? What concrete projects did you have that enhanced or prospered our lives?

The people deserve a better leader. Give us a break.  Enough is enough. ([email protected]/PN)


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