Face-off: Rolly and Ferj

NURSING a wounded pride for years, former mayor Rolando “Rolly” Distura of Dumangas, Iloilo swore to give another try running for the same position.

For years Distura, who strongly believed he was cheated by his own party mates in the Liberal Party back in the 2016 elections, had kept it to himself. He didn’t make an issue out of this. It was a frontal stabbing worse than being stabbed at the back. It was a vicious kind of treachery. The saddest part of it, he was framed up deliberately by an outsider who, in despair, joined the majority party for political survival.

This time he is back, officially leaving his old party after much prodding from a dear friend to join new one.

At first Rolly was reluctant to accept the offer lest he be accused as a man without principle. He thought, not at this time. He could afford to abandon the good things he initially planted and nurtured for the people whom he served with much love and care, and the projects which he installed beneficial to all Dumangasanons.

It took him sleepless nights and days, weighing the pros and cons of his act. Consulting his constituents about his predicament, he was left at the end to make his own decision. Though some gave him a word of encouragement, others were so unkind and hurtful. After all he has to choose a battle good enough and worthy of a fight.

Fourth district congressman Ferj Biron, without hesitation, invited the former mayor to pay him a visit at his residence. Upon seeing the visitor he welcomed him right in his front door, hugged him like a long lost brother.

It was a warmth meeting. Both gave peace a chance not only for their sake but for the whole town of Dumangas. A friend who brokered the unification of the two protagonists and witnessed the face-off failed to wipe his misty eyed due to excitement. It has been his desire for the duo to unite. After all, they have only one common goal, “to serve the people, for the people, and by the people.”

There were no promises of the birds and the bees, the moon and the stars but only to serve.

Rolly eventually realized he is in good company. No frontal and back stabbing. That assurance alone is definitely hard to resist. More than that, he was able to know the man up close. His ego was touched with humbleness. The Ferj Biron projected by his political enemies is exactly the opposite he learned by heart.

Cong. Ferj Biron already considers a victory having former mayor Rolly Distura on his side. Why look for enemies when you can make friends? Here is a man whose political philosophy in life is beyond reproach, vintage Biron indeed. No wonder he is well loved by his constituents. His generosity is a natural weapon that makes his political enemies cringe in fear.

Ferj has no qualms reaching out to political rivals. He doesn’t plant grudges. He knows for a fact that his enemies today can be his friends tomorrow. By principle he is now committed to make Iloilo province and its people enjoy the bounty of fruitful days ahead.

A corruption-free province, peace and order in place, food on every table, eradication of ignorance, and the preservation of our natural resources. This is not a promise Cong. Ferj Biron wanted fulfill to but a commitment he took an oath under Divine Providence.  ([email protected]/PN)


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