Guimaras launches street volleyball on Aug. 18

ILOILO City – A unique volleyball game dubbed “street volleyball” will be launched through a one-day tournament on Aug. 18 at the Salvacion Elementary School in Buenavista, Guimaras.

Event organizer Richard Gabayoyo told Panay News street volleyball is a game designed as a 3-on-3 volleyball match where the first team to reach 21 points is declared the winner.

“Street volleyball is a game designed as a mini volleyball game that enhances the speed, power, agility, cardiovascular endurance and mental toughness of the players,” Gabayoyo said. “This game can be played indoor or outdoor court.”

The one-day tournament, which has a registration fee of P200 per five-member squad, will serve as a fund raising project for Guimaras’ unsung heroes during the recent maritime incident in the Iloilo Strait.

“This is a fund-raising project for the crew and porters of motorbancas. The proceeds of this event will be forwarded to the provincial government for distribution to the recipients,” he said.

He added: “That is why we encourage players to also donate canned goods and food packs. All of these (registration fees, canned goods and food packs) will be turned over to the provincial government of Guimaras.”

The winner of this street volleyball tournament, initiated by Governor Samuel Gumarin, will receive medals and cash prizes.

“In our own little way we want to help the porters and crew of Guimaras motorbanca affected by the stoppage of boat operations from Guimara to Iloilo and vice versa following the unfortunate incident,” Gabayoyo said./PN


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