‘Ipaglaban Mo’ goes viral for using names of ML heroes

Fans of the online game Mobile Legends noticed one common thread about the character names used in the Sept. 7, 2019 episode of “Ipaglaban Mo.

It turns out that the characters of the show were named after Mobile Legends heroes.

Kisses Delavin and Rita Avila were co-stars in this “Ipaglaban Mo”episode that used the hashtag #IMdesperada.

The character of Kisses was called Miya while Rita’s character was named Layla.

Cris Villanueva played the father known as Harley.

The family driver Franco (played by Christopher Roxas) ended up being the third party in the relationship of the couple.

Esmeralda was the name of Franco’s ex-girlfriend.

Freya and Aldous were the names of the two children adopted by Harley.

Miya, Layla, Harley, Esmeralda, Freya, and Aldous are all names of heroes in Mobile Legends..

According to the “Ipaglaban Mo” Facebook page, this is the description of Kisses Delavin’s character named Miya: “Anak ni Layla na nagsikap sa pag-aaral at sinuklian ang mga sakripisyo ng kanyang ina.”

In Mobile Legends, Miya is the Moonlight Archer and a “marksman.” 

Rita Avila’s character Layla is described as follows: “Single Mom na gagawin ang lahat para matupad ang pangarap ng kanyang anak. Inabandona ng lalaking kanyang pinakasalan.”

In the game, Layla is the Malefic Gunner who can shoot at enemies from great distances with her first and third “skills.”

Cris Villanueva’s Harley is described as follows: “Hiniwalayang asawa ni Layla. Inabandona niya ang asawa’t anak at bumuo ng sariling pamilya.”

Harley is also the name of a “mage hero” in the online mobile game. 

A netizen using the handle @charlotte_bevz on Twitter observed:

It took me almost an hour to realize that the casts of the “Ipaglaban Mo” episode today are using the names of the heroes in Mobile Legends. Haha. Miya, Freya, Aldous, Esmeralda. Hahahahaha. #IMdesperada” (Pep.ph)


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