Jennylyn tattoos boyfriend Dennis Trillo

Jennylyn Mercado learned the basics of tattooing  for her latest vlog challenge. Professional tattoo artist Oskie Esguerra taught her how to sterilize instruments, operate the tattoo machine, and treat the tattoo after.  

The second part of her challenge was to find a willing volunteer who’d agree to be tattooed by her. Since no one in the tattoo shop wanted to be inked by a newbie, Jennylyn ended up tattooing her boyfriend, Dennis Trillo. Both of them seemed very nervous about it, but Jennylyn successfully tattooed him on the wrist with a cat design under 14 minutes.

The cat design seemed to be inspired by their love for their fur babies, Sage and Clay.

Jennylyn’s vlog is the latest of her “Jen Survives” series, where she takes on different challenges like teaching zumba for the first time and going undercover as a blind singer with Dennis at LRT-1. (


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