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Friday, February 3, 2017

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REALLY, who cares if Miss Philippines Maxine Medina did not win the Miss Universe, it’s just a beauty contest. It’s not like our whole survival as a nation and as a people depends upon her winning the crown. Yeah sure it’s probably a prestigious contest although not held in the highest esteem with the rest of the world as it is in the Philippines.

The natives of this archipelago have this penchant for the most useless activities and objects. And beauty contests are top of the list. Just about all kinds of beauty contest are held in every nook and cranny of this archipelago. Name any activity from schools to barangay to prisons, there is always some sort of beauty contest.

We have Miss Gay, Little Miss Philippines, Miss Intramurals, Mutya ng Barangay, Fiesta Queen, why we even have beauty contest for carabaos, dogs and cats! There’s even a beauty contest for senior citizens.

This almost manic preoccupation with beauty contests shows how really damaged the psyche of this country is. It’s the epitome of a people with a twisted sense of values that are so full of themselves.

This obsession with beauty contests is on the same level with the natives’ obsession for “selfies.”

Whatever it is they are doing they just have to have their picture taken and its de rigour to post it on Facebook.

Winning the Miss Universe (why do they ever call it Miss Universe anyway, I don’t see any Martians or Venusians joining) is not like winning the FIFA World Cup and it does not even come close. Winning the Miss Universe is only beneficial to the winner, the organizers and sponsors, Chavit Singson aka “Mr. Universe” and to a large extent the owners of the venue where it is held.

The Miss Universe beauty pageant is also very much beneficial to whoever owns the franchise to it and in this country, the family of Mar “Daang Matuwid” Roxas owns pretty much all the franchises of almost all the beauty contests.

This Miss Universe, Binibining Pilipinas or any beauty contest of that sort is not inspirational or a good role model to the youth, especially the girls. What will it do to this little girl watching it? Inspire her to be the next Miss Philippines and win the Miss Universe. Tough luck for the plain little girl, how in the world can she ever win a contest with its specific standards of what a beautiful woman should be in terms of body type, height and facial appearance and proportions?

A beauty contest is not something that you can work on and develop yourself as in athletics; either you’re born beautiful according to Miss Universe standards or you’re not.

If that’s not discrimination I do not know what is. Unlike sports or athletics where one can always work hard and be good at any sports you set your mind to.

Lydia de Vega, perhaps our only world-class sprinter, did not win gold medals in the Asian Games because she was born fast but she worked her butt off to be fast. Likewise for Elma Muros, the SEA Games record-holder in the long jump; she was not born to jump high but like Lydia de Vega she worked hard to achieve it.

Miss France Iris Mittenaere, the just crowned Miss Universe 2017, was born beautiful, likewise for all the finalists and contestants of the Miss Universe beauty contest. All these lovely ladies did was to improve their already God-given physical beauty. But not all girls are born with a pretty face. Don’t believe Vicky Belo because whatever cosmetic surgery she did to her body and face, she is still not beautiful.

The Miss Universe or any other beauty contest discriminates and does not inspire young girls because not everyone can be born beautiful according to Miss Universe standards.

Just imagine if Juvelyn Gonzaga and Abie Marano did not achieve to be the best volleyball players that they can be and instead dreamt of being Miss Universe; they might not even make it pass the local barangay beauty contest and will obviously not qualify as candidates to Miss Dinagyang. But these two Ilonggas worked their butts off and now are two of the top women’s volleyball players in the Philippines and have already represented the country internationally.

Let me end with a statement from Iloilo governor Arthur Defensor Sr. reported in Panay News:

“I don’t give a damn; I can watch the Miss Universe beauty pageant on television. But really, I’ve never been interested in it.” So there!/PN




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