Justice for Richard Red Santillan

WHAT a good way to start the year for a man who has extreme courage to expose an international syndicate notoriously known as Smartmatic.

The killing of Atty. Glenn Chong’s security aide broke out in social media hours after the murder took place. For a while, the silence of Malacañang was deafening.  So much had been written about the incident but not a word from the Office of the President. Even some DDS supporters started to doubt the sincerity of the President.

Then later President Rodrigo Roa Duterte through Spkesperson Sal Panelo officially released a press statement condemning the brutal killing of Richard Red Santillan, an ordinary civilian whose only link to politics was his association to his boss who was running for a senatorial position this midterm elections. The loyalty of Red to his boss never dithered even in death. He was tortured beyond imagination.

Meanwhile, Atty. Glenn Chong never for an instance lost his trust in the President he fully supported with his heart and mind. With the assurance from Duterte himself to get to the bottom of the incident, Atty. Glenn has the confidence to continue seeking justice for Richard Red Santillan.

Not even a bullet of death could stop him. This he swears before his friend’s coffin.


For decades the Garins of Guimbal, Iloilo have been untouchable in politics. This they owe to the unparalleled brilliance of the clan patriarch. Mayor Oscar “Oca” Garin knows his game.

The old Garin has perfected the art of inducing votes from voters who prefer the color of money than picking someone fit to serve in the name of public service.  No thanks to the rotten culture of his constituents.


Phony vice president Leni Robredo has never learned her lesson from past mistakes, and we’re talking about protocol here.

She spends a fortune on public relations to make her appear an attractive alter-ego of the President ready to take his place when, by a twist of fate, the former dies by accident, natural death or by assassination.

In a recent flag-raising ceremony during the commemoration of the death of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, Leni Robredo represented herself as the Commander-in-Chief in lieu of the President who failed to attend due to a previous official commitment.

Robredo, without sense of shame, made a grand salute to the national flag instead of putting her right hand on her breast being the second most powerful entity next to the president.

This woman, despite her office’s huge budget, failed to hire someone to teach her proper etiquette. She had committed this mistake thrice in a row yet nobody attempted to correct her.

My grandson who is barely six years old shows his patriotism by putting his right hand on his chest when watching on television our national flag being raised. Perhaps he could coach Robredo for free. ([email protected]/PN)


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