Our own Mahatma Gandhi

AMONG the “senatoriables”, Atty. Glenn Chong is the most fearless. He exposed the alleged syndicated tandem of Smartmatic and the Commission on Elections (Comelec) since 2007.

Chong doesn’t care at all that his candidacy may be jeopardized considering he’s the only one fighting a lonely crusade.

In a recent senatorial debate sponsored by ABS-CBN, Chong once again was unstoppable.  He enumerated his top priority bills to sponsor such as the reform in the Comelec and getting rid the Philippine National Police of scalawag members.

Chong emerges at the right time, right place and for the right reasons in the senatorial derby despite his financial inadequacy, not to mention not being backed up by the most powerful political entity, President Rodrigo Duterte.  Chong didn’t take this personally. The truth is he wants to do it his own way.

Surprisingly, Chong was included in Imee Marcos’ campaign materials without him asking for it. Even among his peers, the former is being associated by other candidates knowing that his inclusion could possibly bring luck to their senatorial bids, too. Chong’s name now is synonymous to honesty, courage and principle.

The death of a beloved friend, Richard Red Santillan, definitely boosted his senatorial bid. Not that he liked it but fate is playing a very important factor. It has been publicly declared that the former was butchered by scalawags in uniform. Glenn, on the day he bid farewell to a friend who protected him till death, promised to give him justice even if this may cost his life, too.

The people’s awareness on Chong’s life story is spreading like fire. All of a sudde, his electoral bid is getting momentum. From being a complete unknown politician in Biliran, a small town somewhere in the Visayas, he is now a giant of a man.

It seems an unseen hand is moving heaven and hell to make this man great in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi. Why not? He has all the qualities of becoming one. He may not aware of this but Glenn is not our common traditional politicians whose only reason for running is to make their egos and pockets grow bigger. Politics for them is purely business. Some invest in millions. And the best way to recover it is through thievery. They make public treasury their own personal piggy banks.

It’s no wonder Smartmatic and Comelec, with their paid hacks mostly from the mainstream media, and other government entities are spending an unlimited fortune to discredit Atty. Glenn Chong’s credibility. Unfortunately for them, they are miserably failing.

Their last recourse: murder someone close to Chong, and that was Richard Red Santillan, thinking the former would cower in fear.

They committed the biggest mistake, however. This encouraged Glenn all the more to continue his crusade and seek justice for a departed friend.

Glenn is now being followed by shadow characters wherever he goes. But people believing

him are the ones protecting him now.

Atty. Glenn Chong is our own Mahatma Gandhi./PN


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