Over 26 kilos of ‘hot meat’ seized

BACOLOD City – Authorities here seized over 26 kilos of imported “hot meat” from two stores selling processed food and meat products in Burgos Market.

Edward Martin Pinaga, head of Task Force Botagoy, said they seized 23.49 kilos of imported pork products from George Store and 3.3 kilos of imported pork meat from 3RRR Frozen Foods. Both stores sold and displayed imported stocks of thawed meat.

Pinaga said the store owners have been warned earlier about improper meat handling.

“Meat products must be stored inside the freezer or kept in a certain temperature required to prevent bacteria from forming. Frozen meat products displayed outside of the freezer are vulnerable to contamination especially now that we are on ASF (African swine fever) watch,” said Pinaga.

But Georgina Regalado insisted the imported pork meat she was selling had a Certificate of Meat Inspection and they practice what the National Meat Inspection Service has taught them during seminars.

Aileen Montañez of 3RRR Frozen Foods also said that they are aware about ASF scare. The province remains ASF-free and their customers continue to buy pork meat from them. (With ABS-CBN/PN)


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