Paulo Avelino on why he relates to ‘Goyo’ role: ‘I was going through a lot’

WITH his epic historical film “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” all set to hit theaters on Sept. 5, Paulo Avelino said he is getting even more excited for Filipinos to watch the film which took them almost a year to make.

The film takes place two months after Heneral Luna passes away (the first installment in director Jerrold Tarog’s historical trilogy) and focuses on the last seven months of General Gregorio Del Pilar’s life.

According to history books, the young general was killed in battle at the age of 24. Paulo shared that he was also going through a challenging time in his life when he was at the same age.

“When I was 24 I wouldn’t say I was pretty confident. I was going through a lot then. I had so many responsibilities that I could relate to Goyo as well because there was a lot of distractions along in your life and sometimes you get to focus on what’s really important. I would say it’s also the same track that Goyo went through so ihahalintulad ko yung buhay ko sa kanya in that way,” he shared.

Although he did not mention any specific details, the 30-year-old actor said that he was thankful to have been able to overcome the challenges in his life during that time.

Wala eh, it has to hit you. In my situation I had to go on with life, appreciate life and wait. Everything will come to you and everything will turn out to be better,” he added.

During the event, the “Goyo” star shared some interesting facts about the young national hero like Goyo’s gold tooth and the fact that he was popular with the ladies.

Wala actually, yun lang talaga. Goyo is also known to be a good horse rider. So minsan magpapasikat siya sa mga bayan and that alone calls for attention. Parang siyempre nagpapasikat siya sa ibang girls,” he shared. (Push)


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