Pia versus Imee

EVEN before the formal oath-taking took place on May 22, come-backing senator Pia Cayetano was seething and could hardly wait to pick a fight with newly elected senator Imee Marcos. Her only issue is Imee’s non-existent college diploma.

Pia was so arrogant, thinking she had an explosive exposé that could surely ruin the woman she hated for no valid reason at all.

Did she really think it could make Imee tremble?

Oh my. You’re a big disappointment, Pia.

This is strange. Pia Cayetano had been known as a woman of integrity, an advocate of women’s rights. This early she seems to be preparing to be Sen. Imee Marcos’ No. 1 tormentor in the Upper House.

What gives, Pia? Is there somebody big behind you?

You don’t know Imee. The woman has gone through hell. But she’s back – to live, not necessarily to take revenge against those who persecuted her and the whole of Marcos clan. But she has this urgent task to correct the distorted and invented history by the Aquinos way back to the 1986 People Power. (For this cunning family – with the collaboration of oligarchs, priests and nuns — it was a revolution. For those aware of the truth, it was nothing but a hoax.)

I should know because I was there. I was part of the crowd singing alleluias, praising the soldiers to high heavens for not taking arms or move their tanks an inch to crush thousands of civilians.

There was rebellion, an act against the State. But not many people knew there was a standing order from Malacañang to only disperse the crowd, not to shoot them. This naked truth was kept a secret for a long time by the Aquinos. It was their way of making people hate the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and it made themselves appear as the true guardians of democracy. It took me a long time to realize I was duped.

Going back to Sen. Pia Cayetano who is now making a noise, she’s just too scared that the Marcoses have already been cleansed and the people in return have started to trust them again. The recent victory of Imee is a strong indication of acceptance, not to mention that her son Mathew Marcos Manotoc was recently elected new governor of Ilocos Norte.

It is widely known that Sen. Imee Marcos is made stronger stuff. The brilliance of this woman, molded by time and experience, has no match.

Let the battles of brains begin in the august halls of the Senate. ([email protected]/PN)


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