THE stars align as the senior high school students from Iloilo National High School (INHS) Arts and Design Track expressed themselves through art during the recital called “Sinagtala: Pagniningning ng Sining.”

The Senior High School Arts and Design Track is composed of talented students who express themselves in literary works, visual arts, media arts, music (vocal and instrumental), and photography.

Ever since the K-12 program was applied to the educational system, INHS required their Arts and Design Grade 12 students to showcase their artworks and talent in an annual graduation recital.

The starry experience began when students had the opportunity to exhibit their Sinagtala works at Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Arts (ILOMOCA) from Feb. 23-28.

The artistic moments continued on Monday, March 4 at 5:00 p.m. at INHS Multipurpose Hall. The same paintings, photographs, literary book, and other artworks were exhibited that day.

During the short film recital, students presented their films called “The Molding Process” and “Hutik Kang Saralikwon.”

The production recital followed afterwards when originally composed songs were performed such as “Encantadia”, “Bata Nga Paghigugma”, “Sang-Una”, and “Panghigugma na Indi Malimtan”.

Also, the crowd was entertained when the students heartfully and artfully performed their masterpieces entitled “The Legend of Nagpana”. These are made of the parts: “Lugar Ko O Viego”, “Pana at Tunod”, and “Nagpanang Kinaadman”.

During their exhibit in ILOMOCA, Mrs. Rowena B. Peconcillo, the OIC Coordinator said, “All of our children are talented and unique students in varied ways. With their indifference and creative minds, an artist’s life becomes both a challenge and a rollercoaster which created as special.”

She added, “To the students, we may not have given you a reward that you deserve individually but the pride and honor of imparting your talent, time, and devotion for the arts and the school is your legacy. The pillars of this institution are the living witnesses of your unselfish service and effort. With this, we are forever with esteemed gratitude. 

In reality, teachers may be too firm in our decisions, but we care while you are pushed to your limits for we believe in your potentials. Always remember the phrase, “thank you” how great or small it is, look back where you started for surely you’ll be successful in reaching greater heights of your chosen crafts in the future.”

“Sinag” means light and “Tala” means stars. Put them together and it’s a shining star. Truly, the Senior High School Arts and Design Track students of INHS were shining stars./PN


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