The pursuit of happiness

IF YOU really knew me, and I hope by now you do, you would understand that my diction is literary and my vocabulary preference includes butterflies, flowers, cats, and sunsets.

You would see that I do not interchange ‘love’ and ‘like’.

I know what I love.

And I know exactly what I like.

And that makes me happy person.


I do not seriously believe that every person can be happy.

It’s a nice dream and vision, but no!

So, I don’t really prescribe people to look for happiness.

Find contentment in what you have instead.

Find fulfillment in what you can achieve.

But don’t look for happiness.


Because for some things, the more you pursue, the more they become elusive.

Like finding a boyfriend.

I mean, I like the idea of putting ourselves out there.

Wearing a flower over our ear to signal we are available.

But Love always finds us whether we are ready or not.

Love always finds a way whether we like it or not.

It’s like sex without a condom.


Love happens like unplanned pregnancy.

We like the idea of falling.

But we aren’t sure.

We enjoy the ride.

And then, something happens that changes everything. 

Wait, where is this piece going?


My friends are all convinced that I have effectively fooled myself to think that I am happy.

And I tell them, That’s what positive thinking is all about!

I’m not naturally happy.

I mean, I am a happy person, but I do not wake up beautiful like some people.

I make myself wake up beautiful!


Before I go to bed, I make sure there is no anger or fear in my heart.

I actually count my blessings before I sleep.

I sleep with a thankful heart.

I mean, I’m a grateful person.

I actually thank God all day.

When I miss thanking people verbally, it is not because I am rude or ungrateful.

But only because I have already thanked them in my heart.

It may be socially unacceptable, but sometimes, I feel that I do not need to express what my heart deeply feels.

So wait, where is this piece going?


Sometimes, I sell myself as gorgeous.

And in truth, I am charming.

But I am not deluded to think that I am movie star gorgeous.

So, yeah! I do not wake up like a glamour boy.

But I always wake up grateful.

Grateful for being alive.

Alive one day at a time.


I wake up prayerful.

That is to say, grateful and thanking God already in the first minute of wakefulness.

Then, I listen to my kind of music.

Or read a poem.

Just enjoying the words, the lyrics.

If the music is danceable, I dance.


Then, I have coffee.

For decades, I have been a tea drinker.

But I changed to coffee some ten years ago.

I take my coffee black.

And if I am in the mood for sweets, I have a piece of cheesecake, or a pop tart, or a brownie, or whatever sweet that’s convenient.

No, I’m not the kind of person who will drive out for a doughnut.


Coffee is my laxative.

Actually, that discovery triggered the change from tea to coffee ten years ago.

I don’t read in the bathroom.

No, not normally.

But when I’m reading something really interesting while having coffee, I sometimes often take it to the bathroom when the urge makes itself clear.

But in principle, I don’t want to read while taking a dump.


Then, I take a shower to feel really clean.

I seldom scrub myself.

Just because there’s really nothing to scrub off.

I scrub myself once a week; two times at the most.

I still need to cut down my shampooing to three or two times a week.

I shower several times a day during summer.

But it is only to feel cool.


It is my belief that a clean person need not scrub himself so often.

Wait, where exactly is this piece going?

I don’t know. 

I started with my literary vocabulary.

But I was also hinting on the pursuit of happiness.

And the idea of its futility

And the idea of witnessing to a life of gratefulness and contentment.


Hmmmm… Contentment.

That looks like a good topic for Wednesday.

“Until then” then?/PN


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