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THE ambience was perfect. The crowd awaited. The venue was all set. Everyone was excited, but before the wedding bells started ringing, the wedding march was played within the coven of Robinsons Malls as they once again set to wow the audience with their annual Wedding Fair – features the fashions of top-notch local designers.

Grace Clavel

The week-long wedding fair started off with a fashion show catering various bridal gown creations. The events aim to guide couples as they prepare for a memorable wedding day that would certainly last for a lifetime.

Paul Conte
Oz Go

The Wedding Rituals 2018

Robinsons Place Iloilo has brought Wedding Rituals to the Ilonggos for years and 2018 marks the 17th year of the annual event, making it one of the longest-running fashion shows in Iloilo. This year’s Wedding Rituals featured bridal gowns of guest designer Oz Go and Iloilo’s top-notch wedding couturiers such as Grace Clavel, Paul Conte, Bo Parcon, Jaki Peñalosa, D John Clement, Jor-el Espina, Jet Salcedo and Aisha Peñalosa. All of these designers presented their Japanese-themed elegant bridal gowns showcased by Ilonggo models In Robinsons Place Iloilo Fountain Area on June 1.

Jor-el Espina

“So, I offset to be inspired by the male kimono sang lalaki, amo na ang akon inspiration, ginghimu ko lang siya into a gown, ” said Jet Salcedo, one of the featured Ilonggo designers addressing the question on the inspiration of his design.

Bo Parcon
Oz Go

The Japanese theme, however, did not stop the designers from putting a touch of Filipino. According to Jor-el Espina, “We were tasked to do a Japanese-themed wedding design so it’s an inspiration of upholding the ease of the Japanese but the material that I’m using is more on Filipino material so I used feather and wings.”

Aisha Penalosa

Wedding Rituals 2018 guest designer Oz Go showcased seven of his bridal gowns on his first ever bridal fashion show in his mother’s hometown, Iloilo. From the traditional Japanese kimono, according to Go, he was able to create his own design by playing with different textures of the lace, embroideries and beadwork to create the modern take on wedding gowns.

Jaki Penalosa
Oz Go

Conte, who has been participating in Wedding Rituals since 2012 shared that he still gets mixed emotions before the show, but always feels happy and grateful once it’s done. His collection this year got its inspiration from roses and his paintings.

Jet Salcedo

“I am fond of using light and not too heavy fabrics on my collection. I want the model to feel comfortable and light. Not too heavy in the eyes,” said Conte pertaining to the materials used in his creations.

Oz Go
Oz Go

Aside from the Fashion Shows from the gowns by featured designers, a fair follows participated by various wedding suppliers and companies. The fair in Iloilo runs from June 2 to 9, 2018.

(From left) Marketing Communications Officer of Robinsons Place Jaro, Stella Mae Hembra and designers Jet Salcedo, Jor-el Espina, Paul Conte and Grace Clavel
Feature designer, Oz Go
(From left) Robinsons Malls Marketing Communications Staff, Irene Joven, Louise Marie Tuvilla, Regional Marketing Manager Rofel John Perreno, feature designer, Oz Go and Marketing Communication Officers, Stella Mae Hembra, Stephen Von Jeruta and Jose Tabanao III
Robinsons Place Iloilo Group Property Manager, Ms. Iris Hortelano and Regional Marketing Manager Rofel John Parreno

All of these masterpieces by Filipino designers deserve rightful recognition and appreciation from everyone not only because of their talent, but also for the effort, patience and determination they exerted to create fabulous bridal gowns not for popularity, but for making every bride’s special day a moment to be reminisced for a lifetime. (March Gernine Aguacito and Christine Lorraine Gallo, Interns/PN)


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