3 more phases of Iloilo River esplanade up for completion

Aerial photo shows a portion of the Iloilo River Esplanade along Diversion Road, Iloilo City. PHOTO FROM PROJECTLUPAD.COM

ILOILO City – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Iloilo City District Engineering Office (ICDEO) is hastening the completion of three more phases of the Iloilo Esplanade –  Esplanade 7 along the left bank of tbe Iloilo River from Forbes Bridge to Muelle Loney Bridge, Esplanade 8 along the right bank from Muelle Loney Bridge to Drilon Bridge and Esplanade 9 along the right back from Muelle Loney Bridge to Quirino Bridge.

District Engineer Rodney Gustilo said they already completed the first phase of Esplanade 7, which involved the construction of 224.81-meter slope protection, in the amount of P27.069 million, including boat docking area, railings and base works for walkway; and Esplanade 8, in the amount of P82.8 million, which involved the construction of 845-meter slope protection, including concrete paver blocks, embankment works, docking area, viewing decks and metal railings.

“We are currently undertaking the second phase, which is the paving of the walkway, which will provide another venue for recreation as well as access to pedestrian. The pedestrian walkways will make a way for a more public appreciation and preservation of the river and the nature in general,” Gustilo said.

Esplanade 9, on the other hand, involves the construction of a 325-meter slope protection, including concrete paver blocks, embankment works, docking area, viewing decks, metal railings, sprigs, trees and pedestrian footbridge.

Gustilo also said the 838-meter slope protection (Esplanade 3) along Nabitasan-San Rafael By-pass road has been completed in the amount of P62.645 million, to include footbridge that will connect to Esplanade 1 Extension.

Likewise, the district engineering office has completed the 366-meter slope protection along Esplanade 5, which stretches from Jalandoni Bridge to Forbes Bridge (left bank of Iloilo River) in the amount of P13.445 million, while the additional construction of 635-meter flood mitigation structure, including concrete paving and installation of lights, in the amount of P48.994 million, is on-going and is expected to be completed by March this year.

“These projects will ensure control sedimentation and erosion along the river banks that will result to a safer and more sustainable Iloilo River,” Gustilo said.

With these additional esplanade projects, the public will have various areas for social development, recreation and physical fitness, so they won’t need to go to Esplanade 1 and 2 anymore for their activities, he added.

Meantime, ICDEO is undertaking the paving of walkways along the 820-meter Esplanade 4 and 820-meter Esplanade 6, after the completion of slope protection implemented by the Regional Office, amounting to P46.00 million and P 45.98 million, respectively. (DPWH-6/PN)


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