A1 member Ben Adams in talks for possible collaboration with Sarah

Ben Adams reached out to VIVA for a possible collaboration with Sarah Geronimo.

A1’s Ben Adams is in search for female artists to work with around Southeast Asia. Of course, Pinoy fans, being some of the biggest fans in the region, helped Ben Adams through suggesting some of the Philippine’s biggest names. 

“I’m looking for a well-known Southeast Asian female artist to duet with me on something…any suggestions?” he wrote. 

According to the A1 member, two names emerged with the most number of tweets: Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. 

“So @JustSarahG and @catrionaelisa seem to be coming up a lot in suggestions for who to duet with on my next project…now I just need to find their contact details and make it happen!” he said in another tweet. 

As soon as fans started sending him links to write-ups about Sarah Geronimo and her performances, Ben Adams instantly went over them. And as it turns he already contacted VIVA Artists Agency to ask if it’s possible to work on a collaboration with her. 

“Well, quick update, I’ve checked out all of the videos and articles you guys have sent me on @JustSarahG and I think she’s amazing! Have emailed @VivaArtists so let’s see what they say. Thanks, everyone!” he wrote in another tweet. 

Ben Adams is set to return to Manila on Nov. 9 for Playback Music Festival happening at the Araneta Coliseum. (Push)


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