Get some ‘me time’ on your yoga mat

I WAKE up and immediately check the latest chika on Facebook. The traffic is terribly congested, and I’m probably already late for work. My phone is beeping and ringing constantly. I feel stressed, tired, and at the end of the day, my mind is still weighed down with all I have to do tomorrow. I don’t have enough time in the day for myself. This is a common description of what a day in my life was like before I started practicing yoga. If this sounds like a description of your life too, you might want to consider hitting the mat to try out some yoga as a way to live a happier, healthier, and more stress-free life.

Salarda presents 1st solo exhibit ‘Programmable Logic Uncontrolled’

Ilonggo artist James Mark Salarda presents his 1st solo exhibit entitled “Programmable Logic Uncontrolled” from March 3-24 at the Museo Iloilo.


FOR years, women have been fighting for their rights in the society. Their capability to work and express themselves in a manner where women can freely do what they want has always been in question. Having a woman in an institution or a company is considered a disability rather than strength. Society deemed women as people that should be at home, tending to their husbands and children.

Guimbalanon crowned Miss Paraw 2017

In a parade of 15 lovely young ladies, one beauty stood out.


THEY do not only protect us from danger. They also serenade us with their lovely voices.

Why your February is cold

YOUR — or your ex’s — cold heart has nothing to do with your early-morning February shivers. What many consider an unusually cold and windy weather in recent days should not come as a surprise.


ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, at one of their fellowship meetings inside a dimly lit building along Rizal St., town of Iloilo, several American and Filipino Masons were in a quandary as they had no Masonic Lodge to go to. All the lodges established in the Visayan Islands during the Spanish regime had closed down more than twenty years ago.

Sea Garden is set to rock your valentine

February is here and love is in the air. Sea Garden Resort located at Coastal Hi-way, Camangay, Leganes, Iloilo will have a Rock Your Valentine, a Pre-Valentine dinner buffet on February 11, 2017, Saturday, from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM with live entertainment featuring The Free Verse Band, and exciting raffle prizes to be won. For early birds, rate starts at Php 450 only.

Bamboo as better alternative to wood

ASIDE from being a fast growing grass, bamboo is also resilient to fire and is a better alternative to wood. It also stands as one of the best conservation materials nature has ever produced, disclosed by Director Henry A. Adornado of the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB).

‘Meant to Be’ cast visits Iloilo

THE ultimate squad of GMA-7’s “Meant to Be” series graced the Dinagyang Festival and treated their fans in a jam-packed mall show on Jan. 21, Saturday.

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