Century-old Balangiga bells to toll again

It took a filthy-mouthed President to bring three historic Balangiga bells back to our country after more than a century.

American soldiers took the bells by force from Filipinos fighting to death to free themselves from bondage in the early 1900 Philippine-American War. Thousands of them were massacred. The American invaders were equipped with long arms and other high-powered ammunitions but they were no match to the bolos of Filipinos.

President Rodrigo Duterte minces no words when he speaks against perceived enemies, American or not. Upon assumption to the presidency he right away castigated the American government for its irresponsible dealings with its brown counterparts, treating us like shit.

Knowing his history, the President reminded the Americans of their past sins such as the bloody killing of Filipinos in Samar where the Balangiga bells originated and became a war booty. Locals were butchered. The white soldiers made a pile of lifeless bodies, some stepping on top of the bodies and grinning with the arrogance of barbarism.

The US returning the iconic Balangiga bells is its way of making amends to the Filipinos who suffered their atrocities a century ago. Under the present administration of President Donald Trump the US needed closure, too, to this dark chapter in our shared history.

Not surprisingly, there were political personalities who wanted to distort the truth. The ever notorious Sen. Risa Hontiveros was quick to discred President Rodrigo Duterte, spreading her nauseating brand of intellect that the Balangiga bells were returned not because of the latter’s diplomacy but due to the unified efforts of different sectors of society. Hontiveros has this habit of downgrading whatever achievements beneficial to the people and our country gained under the present administration.

It appears her life’s daily existence as a senator is defined by attacks against the President. It gives her unexplainable satisfaction like her mentor, jailed Sen. Leila de Lima.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Sen. Leila de Lima broke down inside her cell upon learning that: Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. was freed from prison. If only expletives could kill, Leila would have been a kinetic murderess. She never thought even in her wildest dreams that Revilla, whom she was so obsessed to rot in jail for plunder, has gained freedom ahead of her and is now laughing all his way to the bank.

Even retired Ombudsman Conchita Morales-Carpio rose up from slumber to condemn the setting-free of Revilla.

All the clowns of the Liberal Party collectively pointed their fingers to President Duterte as the man behind the release of Revilla. In their distorted minds only the President has such power.

President Duterte, of course, has let his men do all the talking and parrying of those baseless accusations.

All he does is flash that pragmatic smile as if saying, “All you bunch of idiots, catch me if you can.” ([email protected]/PN)


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