CPU-School of Graduate Studies transforms learning, holds ‘reform’ seminar

THE Central Philippine University School of Graduate Studies, through Administrative Reforms and Innovation course, in partnership with the Center for Local Governance and Indigenous People Studies (CLGIPS), conducted a seminar entitled “In Focus”: A Lecture – Forum on Administrative Reforms and Innovations in the Present Philippines on March 9, 2019.

Participants were 130 management professionals enrolled in the Master and Doctorate programs of the said University.

Dr. Nielex Tupas, program adviser, said that the seminar aimed to update and equip the participants with the various reforms that are taking place in the country for the purpose of awareness, policy development, and application of the newfound knowledge to personal life and professional endeavors and experience.

Topics included were Reforms in the Philippine Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP) Processes, Policies and Governance and salient points of Freedom of Information & Data Privacy Act which were discussed by the invited Resource speakers, Atty. Jonathan T. Villasoto, Deputy Executive Director of Employees’ Compensation Commission, and Atty. June Abigail Dela Cruz, State Solicitor of the Office of the Solicitor-General, respectively.

The topic on ECP topic circumnavigated the ECC governance reforms with focus on its enhanced, expanded and equalized benefits for work-related sickness, injury or death for public and private workers. On the second topic, the speaker presented the relationship of both legislations to each other by presenting its features and applicability to academic researches and policy development.

“In pursuit of academic excellence and as we cultivate the culture of finding out new things through research or hearing from resource speakers, aside from our classroom discussions, the school of graduate studies always aim to modernize modes of learning and this activity is one of those avenues by which we will be able to achieve our goal” said Dr. Rowena Libo-on, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Stephene Barredo, Regional In-Charge of ECC-DOLE and member of the working committee, said as part of our course we believe that these topics have timely relevance in the present governance climate we have and as a continuing learning development for us management professionals.

Present also in the said event was the Vice President for Academic Affairs together with a visiting professor from China.

The CPU-School of Graduate Studies will continue to accommodate this kind of learning modes and innovations for academic excellence./PN


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