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MANY are curious to see the tuna unloading at the General Santos Fish Port. Many have also come to witness this splendid activity that has been spoken about by those who have actually seen it! Even my Lungay family from the US has requested me to facilitate their visit at the fish port.

From their personal accounts, I can say that the actual experience was worth all the trouble – I mean if waking up early is any trouble at all. By the photos immediately uploaded on social media – while still on the act of touring the fish port, one can catch sight of the unique exhilaration and fun experienced by the international tourists!

Now, let me write about the fish port facilities and amenities to encourage the business-minded to consider locating their business there. The General Santos Fish Port Complex (GSFPC) covers an area of 32 hectares and is located at Barangay Tambler, a coastal Barangay, in General Santos City.

GSFPC lies along the shores of Sarangani Bay. Serving the SOCSKSARGEN Federation of Fishing and Allied Industries, Inc. (SFFAII) weekly, I have my excellent share of the seascape each time I report for work. How’s that for a scene!

Constructed and financed by the Japanese Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund, the port complex was one of the projects under the Nationwide Fishing Ports Package II.

The port services a massive tuna-based fishing fleet off Sarangani Bay and the High Seas Pocket 1 with a projected fish unloading of 300 MT per day. It is beginning to lure investors involved in varied business ventures including some of the largest companies in the Philippine fisheries sector.

Trading and business transactions at the port complex have been boosted by the newly-constructed access road which links the Port to the major business centers of Cotabato province and Region 12. The Port is likewise adequately supported by facilities for telecommunications, banking, transportation, and allied business services primarily located in General Santos City.

For those interested, Port activities include the following:

a) Unloading and marketing of marine products both for local and foreign markets;

b) Harbor operations which include maintenance and repair of fishing vessels; and

c) Processing and refrigeration.

Basic port facilities include the port area comprised of four harbor basins: Harbor Basin I, Harbor Basin II, Harbor Basin III, and Harbor Basin IV. 

Building facilities consist of four units of fish market occupying a spread of 6,000 square meters; refrigeration building that covers 7,000 square meters; maintenance shop; among others. Meanwhile, refrigeration facilities consist of ice-making plant, ice storage, ice crusher, and similar services.

Other facilities are roadway/parking and loading area; waste water treatment plant; fuel oil supply; water supply; net-mending yard; commercial shop area; agro-industrial area; fish conveyor system; concrete roadway; concrete apron; perimeter fence; drainage and sewerage.

Port management is inviting fishing boat/vessel operators; fish brokers/consignacions; fish processors/exporters; other fish vendors/traders and viajeros; and industrial users/investors.  

For inquiries, please contact Engr. Jun P. Superticioso, Officer-in-Charge/Assistant Port Manager at Tel. No. (083) 5520835 or email at [email protected].


I had my share of extraordinary fun during the SFFAII Luau Revelry held on Sept. 7, 2019 at a mountain resort in General Santos City. The Revelry was a Salute to the 8-year Presidency of Immediate Past President Jake Lu; Welcome Party for new SFFAII President Philip Andrew Yu and the new 2 members of the Federation: Mindanao Shipyard Association of the Fisheries Sector, Inc. and SARGEN Shrimp Stakeholders’ Association, Inc.; 20th Anniversary of SFFAII with special mention to Virgie De Dios who has loyally served SFFAII since its inception in 1999; and Thanksgiving Party for the successful conduct of the 21st National Tuna Congress, rolled into one!

It was a great night especially that I danced to my heart’s content. What is a party without dancing huh! My goal was to dance and have a really great time. I did! And that’s all that matters. Thank you SFFAII for an exceptional night!  



Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lao Tzu


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