Fit to represent Iloilo City in Congress

ASIDE FROM being a political veteran molded by time and experience, former Iloilo City councilor Perla Zulueta has all the qualities to represent well Iloilo City in Congress.

Strong-willed, witty and brainy, she can fight any battle and against political titans.

Also, she has a heart filled with compassion and dedication to uplift her constituents from their misery.

Listen when she speaks. Watch her moves. She mesmerizes.

She delivers her piece with eye contact. She truly speaks from her heart.

Definitely she is no pushover. She fights like a tigress, showing her venomous fangs (such as during city council sessions) when provoked, but for a reason.

She is independent. She stands on her own. She goes by her lonesome anywhere, any time. She doesn’t need an array of security personnel to protect her. She knows deep in her heart that an invisible someone is protecting her, day in and day out, from dusk till dawn. Her beloved “Nene”, is it him?

On May 13, the day of reckoning, voters would cast their precious votes to pick new city government leaders, including the one who would represent them in Congress. They should go for someone who has the balls to fight against all odds, someone who has the intellect to fathom and digest issues big and small, someone who has the ability to soar like an eagle.

Politics is not a beauty pageant where contestants capitalize on their endowed physical assets.

In elections, be wary, too, of those who seem to have unlimited financial resources; who knows where these come from. When one has to spend a fortune, it makes this person a potential thief when already in the desired position. For how else can the money spent be recouped?

Buying votes is evil. But voters are partly to blame.  There are corrupt politicians because we allow ourselves to be corrupted.

At the end of the day we have no one to blame but ourselves, and we certainly deserve the kind of government that we have.

Former Iloilo City councilor and Iloilo provincial board member Inday Perla Zulueta swears to her grave she does not have the dirty money to spend and buy her way to Congress. All she has is her untarnished credibility, her unquestionable work ethic and public service record, and her sincerity to serve.

The choice is yours. ([email protected]/PN)


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