Kalibo to revive anti-plastic bag ordinance

KALIBO, Aklan – The local government plans to revive an ordinance that bans using plastic bags and Styrofoam in public markets, groceries and shopping malls in this capital town.

Councilor Cynthia Dela Cruz, who chairs the Sangguniang Bayan committee on tourism, said Municipal Ordinance 2013-008, or an Ordinance Regulating the Use of Plastic Bags and Styrofoam, was not implemented properly.

“We in the council ha[ve] observed that there are many important local ordinances that have already been approved but were not implemented,” said Dela Cruz. “We will start reviewing these important ordinances.”

Dela Cruz added that she plans to conduct a meeting with stakeholders as one way of reintroducing Municipal Ordinance 2013-008.

The ordinance encourages the public to use reusable bags. Dela Cruz said the local government will give incentives to compliant residents.

She was, however, not certain what these incentives were./PN


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