Landing a job to help family next goal of college grads

WHAT’S NEXT for college graduates? Hunting for jobs.

Fresh college graduates interviewed by this paper generally have one goal: get employed so they could help their parents and siblings, especially those still in school.

But first, says 20-year-old Precious Eguico, a resident of Barangay Jovellar, Igbaras, Iloilo and magna cum laude graduate of West Visayas State University – College of Education (Bachelor in Elementary Education) in Iloilo City, she must pass the licensure examination for teachers.

Proud mother Aurora Eguico of Igbaras, Iloilo and daughter Precious, magna cum laude graduate of West Visayas State University – College of Education (Bachelor in Elementary Education). IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN

Eguico, who graduated just this April 5, 2019, says she would right away take review classes in preparation for the exam.

“Ma-review as well as mangita obra para may pang-gasto sa review and bulig man sa parents ko,” Eguico tells Panay News.

Eguico’s mother has been working as an overseas Filipino worker in the Middle East for the past 16 years while her father is a laborer.

Her college graduation is her best gift to her parents, says Eguico, but she wants to do even better, and that is to finally land a job.

“Happy gid ko kay na-achieve ko goal ko. Nagbunga man ang paghimakas sang mga ginikanan ko nga makatapos ako sa college,” says Eguico.

She has this advice to students: Don’t get distracted and don’t succumb to destructive peer pressure, but find time to enjoy college life.

“Even though kinahanglan mo mag-study, find time to have fun para indi ka ma-depress or ma-too much stress,” says Eguico.

According to her mother Aurora, 50, though she is working abroad she makes it a point to check her daughter all the time.

“Gina-check ko gid na kon ano oras sia nagatulog and bugtaw. Siling ko, ‘Anak waay ka gid nagatulog.’ Siling ko pahuway man. Siling ‘ya, ‘Nay nagatuon ako. Nagpatay-patay man tuon bata ko para maka-achieve ang goal ‘ya,” proud mother Aurora reveals.

Aurora says she asked permission from her employers to have a short vacation back home so she could attend her daughter’s graduation. They gladly agreed.

According to Aurora, her daughter was a consistent honor student since the latter’s elementary days.

She is very thankful that despite her being far from her family, her daughter worked hard to finish her studies and with flying colors at that.

“Congrats anak. Thank you, maskin wala ang presence ni Nanay mo ginpanginuhaan mo gid. I’m very happy and proud of you,” says Aurora.


Another fresh college graduate, Maria Lorena Daguro of Barangay San Jose, Dingle, Iloilo, has this advice to students: Do not waste the sacrifices of your parents.

Fresh graduate Maria Lorena Daguro of Barangay San Jose, Dingle, Iloilo with her father Marco. Daguro is a magna cum laude (Bachelor in Secondary Education, Major in English, West Visayas State University – College of Education). IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN

Daguro recently graduated magna cum laude, too, at West Visayas State University – College of Education (Bachelor in Secondary Education, Major in English).

“Kalipay kag hanggod gid nga pasalamat ang amon nga nabatyagan kay nakatapos kami,” says Daguro.

Daguro’s father is a carpenter and her mother a homemaker.

While reviewing for the licensure examination for teachers, she says she would look for a job.

Daguro is a scholar of the Iloilo provincial government. She is grateful for this educational help.

“Do not waste the help of your parents and all the other people helping you,” Daguro tells students. “Do everything to finish your studies.”

Her father Marco says he is overjoyed.

“Biskan pigado kami nakatapos sia,” says Marco./PN


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