Newbie party-list rep faces possible suspension

Manila – A neophyte party-list representative faces possible suspension even before the start of the 18th Congress after allegedly assaulting a restaurant waiter in Legazpi City last Sunday.

Ang Probinsyano Party-list representative Alfred delos Santos was slapped with minor physical injuries charge by 22-year-old Christian Kent Alejo after the former allegedly punched the latter at Biggs Diner in Legazpi City.

Alejo said he was fixing placemats in front of delos Santos’ table on July 7 when the lawmaker called his attention for allegedly looking at him badly.

He added that the incident ended up in a short confrontation where delos Santos suddenly threw his left fist towards Alejo’s head but the latter managed to evade the punch which landed on his cap.

Alejo said several emissaries from delos Santos’ camp communicated with him seeking an amicable settlement but he was hell bent on filing a case against the congressman.

On top of the case filed by Alejo, delos Santos could be slapped with an ethics complaint at the House’s Ethics Committee after the opening of the 18th Congress on July 22.

Ang Probinsyano Party-list on Thursday said they will conduct a separate investigation into the incident and will not think twice of sacking delos Santos.

“Definitely, we will not tolerate any kind of abuse in our party,” said Ang Probinsyano spokesman Joco Sabio. “We will not hesitate to suspend or even remove Congressman delos Santos if we establish that that was an unprovoked act.”/PN


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