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Internet brings information fast, but many still prefer newspapers. Our dealers tell you why


THAT the newspaper business is faced with challenges left and right is not lost on anyone in Panay News.

But the paper is taking them on, not only with its journalists and marketing executives working together to diversify in terms of content production and advertising models, but also with the help of its dealers.

Scattered across Panay News’ area of coverage, these tenacious sellers believe in the power of news and information that the paper’s print edition brings to its varied readers.

Here are our loyal dealers and their thoughts on what makes this paper stand out from other newspapers and who its loyal readers are, and what they believe the future holds for the industry (as told to Jennybell Desuyo):



San Jose, Antique

13 years as PN dealer

Our buyers continue to patronize newspapers like Panay News because they say they understand the news better in print.

Among our customers are politicians, people who work in offices, students, and ordinary citizens.

Unlike some other newspapers, Panay News delivers the news without fear. They do not side with any politician.

I hope the paper becomes more accessible in other areas and its delivery becomes faster.




Bacolod City

New dealer

The printed version of the newspaper, especially Panay News, is better than the online version. Usually you get disturbed by a lot of popups when reading the latter.

People from almost all walks of life buy this newspaper – students, professionals, ordinary locals – but most of the buyers are middle-aged people.

Its news is fair – this is what makes Panay News different.

I expect many more people to continue supporting print newspapers because they are more reliable than many sources of information online.



Bacolod City and nearby areas

5 years as PN dealer

Print newspapers provide very detailed news. Some of customers are unable to access news online.

Many of my customers are avid readers of the newspaper.

Panay News’ headlines and content are unique.

I don’t think print newspapers will ever go out of circulation. Advertisers choose print because their materials are more visible and newspapers are more affordable.



Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

4 years as PN dealer

Our customers still choose print newspapers because its contents can prove that a story is true and not “fake news.”

Most of our buyers are politicians and professionals.

Panay News has a very comprehensive news coverage as it covers the entire Region 6, or Western Visayas.

I hope the paper gains more readers.



Boracay Island / Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

3 years as PN dealer

Many people still read newspapers, especially this paper, because of their reliable content. Panay News does not favor anyone.

Most of my customers are middle-class people and those who are fond of reading. Some of them pore over the paper while drinking coffee at hotels. Others are tricycle drivers standing by, waiting for passengers at terminals.

What makes Panay News different is it delivers news that interests local readers – stories that Ilonggos should know.

I hope that more people could access news, regardless of their social and economic status.




6 years as PN dealer

Not everyone is connected to the internet so many of our customers still buy newspapers. Besides, they like reading something that is actually printed.

The ones buying newspapers are those who can afford them. They include people working in offices, the middle-aged.

In my opinion, Panay News delivers quality news. Anything it reports is true.

I believe one day the paper will have more readers and people will find it easier to access it wherever they are in the country.



Iloilo City (Mandurriao, Molo, Arevalo)

7 years as PN dealer

The popular Lapsus Calami (column) is what draws the readers to Panay News. I believe its journalists are also among the reasons that people read the paper.

Most of those who buy this newspaper are middle-aged and elderly people, many of whom do not know how to use the internet.

What makes Panay News different? The Lapsus Calami column.

I can see the paper further growing for the better.



Iloilo City (La Paz, Jaro, City Proper)

8 years as PN dealer

We get more detailed information from a newspaper than from the internet. I think this is why our customers keep coming back for Panay News.

Some of my customers are professionals, others are the everyman.

I think being a regional newspaper is what makes this paper unique.

I expect Panay News to be read by more people.


Eddie Mar and wife Marilou


Iloilo City, Iloilo and Antique provinces

37 years as PN dealer

Reading Panay News has become a morning habit of our customers. They consume the news with a cup of coffee. Complete and reliable information from this paper – along with their coffee – make their day.

Those who buy the paper are professionals and, of course, those who really want to read the news, whether local or national.

What makes it different from other newspapers is that it has attractive colors and an affordable price.

With the internet, Panay News was able to reach a wider audience. In other words, more people are able to access the news that they need to know.



Kalibo, Aklan

7 years as PN dealer

News you get from newspapers is always credible. This is why people continue to patronize newspapers.

Those who buy the paper from us are those who are following the latest issues about the country and the government.

But the issues Panay News tackles are varied. Big or small, it’s in the paper. And it’s reporting is fair – it doesn’t side with any entity or any particular person.

I’m hoping the paper would “level up” to deliver more information that the reading public needs to know.


Roxan Padillo and husband Roger


Dueñas town and component city of Passi in Iloilo province

5 years as PN dealer

Many people may have access to the internet, but not all. So most of our customers prefer to have something they could actually read.

My buyers are a mix of office workers and the ordinary citizens.

Panay News reports exclusive stories. That’s what makes it different.

I expect this paper to deliver news faster.



Roxas City and Capiz

2 years as PN dealer

In Panay News, you get more news and information about Panay Island and nearby areas.

All kinds of people read it – students, professionals, the ordinary citizens.

This newspaper is one-of-a-kind for giving more attention to events in Western Visayas.

I hope to see a variety of stories, especially those from school campuses, on Panay News.


This article was first published in print on April 6, 2018.


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