PVO to widen animal rabies vaccination

ILOILO – The rabies virus is not just transmitted by dogs. Other animals may also have rabies. Thus the Provincial Veterinarian’s Office’s (PVO) anti-rabies vaccination program covers other animals, too.

Most of the animals vaccinated, though, were dogs – the most common transmitter of rabies.

This year they target to vaccinate 75 percent of the province’s dog population, said Dr. Darel Tabuada, veterinarian IV at PVO.

The target is achievable, he said, citing the impending delivery of anti-rabies vaccines from the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI).

Ma-full blast kita kon mag-abot ang allocation,” said Tabuada.

In 2018, the rabies vaccination coverage here was 68.7 percent equivalent to 173,672 dogs out of the 252,976 dog population.

Last year’s coverage was higher than 2017’s (59 percent equivalent to 150,484 dogs out of the 251,481 dog population that year).

March is Rabies Awareness Month. Tabuada said PVO is enlisting municipal agriculture offices to widen animal vaccination.

The PVO has so far distributed 1,000 vials of animal anti-rabies vaccines to the barangays, said Tabuada.

Those from BAI would likely arrive by the end of March or early next month, he added.

PVAO’s campaign against the spread of rabies is two-pronged. Aside from vaccinating animals it also has an information dissemination program espousing responsible pet ownership

“Kon magsagod sang ido may upod nga responsbilidad. Kon indi mo kaya nga obrahan ang responsibilidad mas maayo nga indi na lang magsagod sang ido,” said Tabuada./PN


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