Yellows to blame over ‘passport fraud’ – Locsin

MANILA – Foreign Affairs secretary Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin Jr. pinned the blame on Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) officials during the Aquino administration for perpetrating a “passport fraud” that led to the loss of passport holders’ data.

Locsin said on Twitter yesterday that he will try to resolve the passport problem at the DFA, which has “got worse” during the time of former president Benigno Aquino III.

“It will be solved by PRRD’s DFA under Locsin. The Yellow crowd who perpetrated the passport fraud are in a panic because we are gonna autopsy their crooked deal. Period,” said Locsin.

He added: “l will autopsy the Yellows who did the passport deal alive. This is called evisceration.”

Locsin’s predecessor, former DFA secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr., said in a separate social media post that the DFA under the Aquino administration signed a contract with APO Production Unit, Inc. (APUI) even if it still has an existing contract.

Prior to the signing with APUI, the DFA is in contract with Francois-Charles Oberthur Fiduciare and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for the passport printing, according to Yasay.

Yasay pointed out that APUI committed a violation to its contract with DFA when it engaged the printing services of United Graphic Expression Corporation for passport printing.

Locsin on Saturday said that a former contractor for Philippine passports “took all” personal data of passport holders after the firm supposedly “got pissed when the contract was terminated” by the government./PN


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